Travel and Learn Program



The mission of Travel & Learn with Concordia is to enable the College’s friends, its alumni, and current students to travel the world, enjoying the companionship of groups with shared interests, and learn with experts from immersion in the cultures of destinations around the globe.   read more
Trip Leaders

All our trips are accompanied by Concordia faculty or staff who have expertise in the region in which we will travel.

For example, President George, a native of India, normally leads our trips to India. Dr. Patrick Bayens, a classics scholar, accompanies our trips to Italy. In addition to tour leaders, we also employ expert local guides to augment our experience. For example a local Egyptologist will orient travelers in Cairo during our trip to Egypt.

Trip for 2011

President's Trips
Led by President George, these luxury trips offer the best of available accommodations, tour options and learning.
Friends Trips:
Designed for friends of the college, members of supporting congregations and alumni, these moderately priced trips offer travel and learning opportunities at a great value.
Student Trips:
To enhance their awareness and understanding of the global nature of the world we live in, these experiential travel and learning opportunities are designed with our students in mind.
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